Nerd or Die x Gaming Careers

We’re excited to announce the acquisition of Gaming Careers and the addition of Pete Wilkins to the Nerd or Die team!

We’ve been working closely with Pete over the last 3 years, where he has excelled in creating high quality user focused content, something that’s a core objective for us here at NoD.

Gaming Careers has provided millions of people with live streaming focused tutorials, reviews, and commentary, and we are committed to continue delivering the quality you’ve come to expect.

Nerd or Die acquiring Gaming Careers not only opens the doors to incredible new opportunities between our two companies, but also to our viewers, listeners, and partners.

We wanted to take a bit of time to answer some of the questions about this acquisition.

What will change at Gaming Careers?

Pete will continue to be in full control of all the content that shows up on the Gaming Careers channel, website, and podcast.

The overall goal of this acquisition is to provide you with more content from Gaming Careers while improving on the quality of videos and speed of production. These improvements will be achieved by providing Pete with access to our team of designers, editors, developers and other resources.

Pete is someone that we trust to always put the audience first. This is clearly reflected in the content he’s created since Gaming Careers started, and was the first thing we discussed when we started talking about this opportunity. I’ve considered him a part of the Nerd or Die family for a while, but now it’s official.

Derek Prodesky, CEO and Founder Nerd or Die

Derek and Nathan have both been incredibly supportive of everything I’ve done with Gaming Careers over the past 3 years. I’m excited to be able to continue creating content for the streaming community and working together to push Gaming Careers to the next level.

Pete Wilkins, Founder Gaming Careers

Working with like minded creatives over the past few years has been a highlight. The ability to collaborate and work with Pete every step of the way forward is an incredible opportunity. I cannot wait to see how far we can push Nerd or Die and Gaming Careers.

Nathan Gray, COO Nerd or Die

What will change at Nerd or Die?

While we have plans for Pete to help us elevate the experience in products and content you receive from NoD, we want to first make sure we’re focused on setting up Gaming Careers to be as successful as possible.

However, expect a few announcements and improvements to our affiliate system, content release timeline, and more sometime next year.

Congratulations and welcome to the team Pete!