The Advanced Overlay Maker for Streamlabs OBS has just received a major update that is free to all users. Using your feedback we’ve created what we think is the easiest and most adaptable overlay making system yet.

This new version, dubbed Version 2, features many improvements such as:

  • EASIER TO USE – Based on your feedback we’ve improved the user workflow, resulting in a much simpler to use app, while still keeping all of the advanced features
  • NEW DESIGN – We’ve implemented a complete UI overhaul, including a new home page and more accessible ways to access the widgets that you’ve already created
  • FASTER – We’ve completely rewrote the core code, which has resulted in a major increase to app efficiency and performance

The latest update is now live in the Streamlabs OBS App store, available for free to all current users. The app is the easiest way to take our overlays and tweak the colors, text, and much more. Best of all, there’s no need for Photoshop, After Effects, or any editing software at all.

Outside of the overall app changes we’re also excited to introduce a few new widgets from the popular Focus stream package. The update also paves the way for more unique widgets and navigation categories. As always, we’ll be focusing on new content in the upcoming months, so look forward to packs like Arcana and Nova in the near future!

Easier than ever to create, add, and edit your widgets

Our goal with this update was simple: make things better. So, the first thing we looked at was the user experience of the app. Based on the feedback our users provided, we worked with the talented folks at Creative Grenade to completely overhaul the UI as well as user workflow within the app.

The new version let’s you quickly add your widgets to multiple scenes, features an all new design, and improves on the ability to edit your existing widgets.

The biggest workflow change comes with the main homepage. You’ll find access to your current widgets on the left side of the app, putting access to these widgets right at your fingertips, instead of buried in a menu. The homepage also features a new category layout for all of the widgets types available, which makes it easier than before to find the type of overlay component that you’re looking to create.

While customizing your widgets may seem familiar, a major change comes in the form of saving and adding your widgets once they’re created. For instance, you can now add your widgets to new scenes with just one click.

Is it really faster?

Oh yeah… it’s a lot faster. We basically worked from scratch on all the core code used in the app. While we were happy with version 1, we knew we could do a lot better. This ultimately resulted in many performance tweaks and enhancements. Because of the rewrite we were also able to make way for the workflow improvements that we mentioned above.

We have to give a huge tip of the hat to our lead developer Saaj for making this update possible.

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