IT Shizuma Twitch Design

ITShizuma’s Twitch Design

Our latest commission project is big for two reasons. First, we got to complete a rebranding for ITShizuma.  She actually talks about the design process and her stream on her website, check out the article here.  The second reason is that we can now officially welcome Chris as the newest member to the Nerd or Die…

Twitchmas Winners

Twitchmas Winners

This year’s Twitchmas was a great success!  It gave me a chance to connect with 12 different people across the Twitch universe, and was an excellent challenge for my creativity.  Check out the winners and their designs below!

Leafy0’s Twitch Graphics

My latest commission for a Twitch Graphic pack came from the streamer Leafy0.  I knew we were going to have a fun time once he requested something with a Final Fantasy Moogle on it.  To start, Leafy0 had a logo designed already, as well as a good idea on what he was looking for in the…