Twitch Designs for MiiSTYMiiSTY

I just wrapped up some designs for MiiSTYMiisty a variety streamer that you should definitely check out!  For this project we were looking to create some stream panel headers, videos, and an in between games overlay.


Full Twitch Stream Graphic Design for Ramez05

I recently had the opportunity to work with a very cool streamer, Ramez05.  If you're into console FPS games, such as Halo or Destiny, then I highly recommend checking out his stream.  Anyways, let's take a look at what I was able to design for him.

How to Install OBS Plugins

Install OBS plugins, set up global sources and scenes

For this guide we’re going to install OBS plugins, set up some global sources, and create a couple of scenes. To start, make sure that OBS is not currently open. The first plugin we are going to install is called the Video Source Plugin. We are going to download the 64-bit version of this plugin…


OBS settings for Twitch TV Streaming

Let’s talk the best OBS settings for Twitch TV.   For this tutorial we are going to use the 64-bit version of OBS. Some people use the 32-bit version of OBS because it’s compatible with a couple more plugins, so make sure to keep that in mind. Now that we have OBS open, let’s go ahead and open the…


Creating a high quality stream for twitch from start to finish

Welcome to our OBS and Twitch video series. In this beginner to intermediate series we are going to go through the important steps from start to finish that will get you up and running with a high quality stream in absolutely no time.


Animated Background Tutorial for Twitch and YouTube

One of the most requested tutorials/tips recently has been how to make a nice animated background for use in a Twitch Stream, YouTube video, or other video related projects.  So, I’d like to share the exact steps I followed - and by the end, you should be able to make your own without any problems!…