Twitch Panels for free, and Setup Guide

I’m excited to release another free resource for all of you Twitch streamers!  This time, I’m going to help you set up some great looking Twitch panels for your channel.  I want to give a huge thank you to MiiSTYMiiSTY, who gave permission to adapt a design we did for her, and let us release it for all to download, for free!

So, if you plan on using this, I recommend swinging by her channel and saying thank you.

View the updated version, click here!

Free to use Twitch Panels

So, stream panels are actually something that are just a little more complicated than meets the eye, but don’t worry, we got you covered with the set up.  The reason for this is because of the margin that is added to non-link panels, but the lack of margin to panels that are links.

Which file should I use for my panels?

If your panel includes a “image links to” link – use the design that ends in -link, this is because it has an extra 15 pixels at the bottom.

If your panel is does not use a link – use the design that does not have -link at the end, it does not have any extra pixels, so Twitch will add those in for you.

How do I use these panels?

Simply right click, and Save image As for the files you’d like to use.  Save the Twitch panels you’d like to use, go to your own Twitch Channel, scroll below your video area and flip the Edit Panels switch on.

Edit Panels Button

Next, click Add Image and then choose the appropriate image for the panel you are making.  A cropping window will appear, but it should be automatically adjusted to the full size needed.  Remember, if you’re using a -link file, there will be extra space on the bottom, this is intended.   You will not need to add in a panel title, these images basically work as your title.  Now, you just need to fill out any additional information in the description box, and hit Submit.  If you want to add more, just click the plus box to add another panel and repeat this process.

Setting up Twitch Panels

What if I want more panels?

If you need different Twitch panels, please let me know in the comments on this site or on my YouTube video about setting this up.  You can also send me a Tweet.  If there are some popular requests, I will do my best to add them to this post, so make sure to check back later.

Remember, if you use this resource, don’t forget to let me know on Twitter, YouTube, or even share with your friends. I also included a “graphics” panel, that you could use to link back to my site if you’d like. Enjoy these Twitch Panels!













About Me Star

About Me Star-link

About Me Heart

About Me Heart-link

Chat Rules

Chat Rules-link











My Setup

My Setup-link



Personal Best

Personal Best-link



Social Networks

Social Networks-link

Steam Group

Steam Group-link

Subscribe Plus

Subscribe Plus-link

Subscribe Star

Subscribe Star-link



Twitch Friends

Twitch Friends-link

  • Tim LinkTom

    Can you ad a Friends/other streamers one and a Personal Best (for speedrunners) one

    • NerdOrDie

      Great idea, I’ll add them during my stream in a little bit. Thanks.

  • Jakemiester

    Could there be a Games section?

    • Derek

      Added, thanks for the suggestion.

  • Arkavix

    Hey, can you add a Bot/Chat Commands one?

    • Derek

      Yes, I’ll get around to this and the Patreon one this weekend, thanks!

      • l’Homme Bonobo

        Hey guys was looking for that Commands image. and can you add a “special thanks” too? i wanna thank you for your job so people know where i got the kit (:

        • Ravens

          Commands are not here just yet, from the looks of things. You could probably put it under graphics, like I did for my channel. (MrRavens) But I do understand if you want something more vague for other people to be added in your special thanks list as well as for things outside of graphics. Might even call it the Credit Banner but we’ll see when Derek has time I guess. 😛

          • l’Homme Bonobo

            Yes for now i put my commands under setup (cause i only play on PS4) and i was asking for “special thanks” say thanks you to every one that helped me to improuve my channel. but i think i might put il under “graphics” cause i have someone working on my stream opening, pause and offline images. i my jump into your channel to see what it looks like 😀 thanks for your answer

          • Ravens

            Haha np man. And hey What’s your stream name? I might check your channel out. ;D

          • l’Homme Bonobo

            saw that grey and black style. Nice channel by the way (u have a new follower :D). Mine is (youngh237)

          • Ravens

            Ehhh! Thanks for the follow man. And thanks for the compliments. I’ll check out your channel when I get the chance. ;D

          • l’Homme Bonobo

            np man i’ll tune in when u’ll be live streaming (:

      • zombiezeland

        Hey is possible if i can used ?

    • Derek

      My new updated app has icons for this, enjoy!

  • MikeZ

    Could I please get the png file? Or could you make me one with “Zockis” and one with “Hall of Fame”?


    • Ravens

      If you are talking about for the banners, just right-click then click “save image as” and it will be png. If that wasn’t what you were talking about…my bad haha. xD

  • Revived Mayhem

    Sup, I was in your chat (RevivedMayhem), First off thanks for the free panels! And I wanted to request a “Goals” Panel and also a color change. Thanks for reading!

    • Ravens

      Hey, Revived. If you want to adjust the colors, get gimp, it’s free.
      Once you’ve downloaded it, launch it and then go to file > open > then your banner file location.

      Once you now have the banner in gimp, go across the top of the middle window till you find “colors” then go down the list to Hue-Saturation…

      A window should pop up, and you just drag hue slider till you get the color you want. You can also change how light and dark it is etc.

      Hope that helps.

  • dull pencilz

    Any chance at a blue version of these ?

    • Ravens

      Answered this question in a reply to Revived Mayhem. It helps so that Derek doesn’t have to make one of every color in the rainbow. 😛

  • Oliver Mårtensson

    Caan you add Settings / Sponsor??

  • Jack Davies

    Can u add a g2a one ?

  • Lunaus

    Mind compiling this into a PSD with the icons?

    • Derek

      I won’t be for this icon set – but in the future I plan on doing this.

  • Bobby Jones

    Hi, do you mind sharing what the font is for the panels? I would like to change the text to specific games that I play 🙂

    • Derek

      Alternate Gothic, love this font!

      • Bobby Jones


  • Daniel

    Is it possible to get a follow and g2a and also to get these red?

  • l’Homme Bonobo

    Hey, thanks a lot for this set. but can you guys put back twitter pgn? itsn’t working for me.

  • l’Homme Bonobo

    Thanks for this set guys

  • Reece Neumueller

    Thanks a lot for these. Thinking about getting into streaming and these are a great starting point.

  • reecer98

    Thank you for these. Thinking about streaming and these are a great start.

  • These panels are absolutely perfect – thank you SO MUCH!

  • Lachee

    Can you add a TeamSpeak one please?

  • CatRonzGaming

    Hey, can you add a Emotes one?

  • D7X

    Hey man do you mind making a “Specs” panel? That would be awesome.

  • Mimi Rdlsb

    Wow. Thank you very much!

  • Thanks to MiiSTYMiiSTY for commissioning Derek to make these and for allowing him to modify and share them with us for free.

    Of course, I have both MiiSTYMiiSTY and Derek at Nerd or Die linked on my Hitbox and Twitch channels to put the word out there to give her more exposure and to hopefully drive some business Derek’s way.

    Derek, will you make a set for Games Wishlist and Hardware Wishlist (or Hardware Needed) as well.

    Thank you for being awesome and kind,

  • Gabriell Max Caballero

    Hey Man i love your work! Is there any way you can make a “Top Donators”……”Wish List” im using Support for that one but id rather use a specific one lol

  • Alex

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  • Alex

    Better do guide how to do this panels in photoshop or something.

  • Cody

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  • SirStupidMonkey

    Since I didn’t see one there, I went ahead and made this for the people looking for it.

  • JungleMcTotes

    Hey man thanks for the set. Will credit the panel art in a panel on my channel. Thanks 😀

    • Derek


  • Tianna twiss

    Super new to twitch stuff and this was easy to follow thanks! I’m using them now- but I dont have twitter to be able to tell you but i did do the graphics link (i hope) on my twitch channel 🙂

    • Derek

      Thanks for posting and letting me know, appreciate it!

  • dizzy

    What font size and font are these?

  • Ryan Ketron

    I love you <3

  • Derekisawesomeeeeee

    Can you add wishlist and Pc specs?

  • Vendy13

    Hey I think Twitch fixed the graphical bug with the link removing the space under pictures when you provide a link, so you you shouldn’t need the “link” graphics anymore. Also the “Personal Best” graphic says Patreon. Hope that helps, and thanks for the panels!

    • Derek

      I think it was intended at first, but would make sense to move away from it. Also, fixed the typo, thanks!

      • Vendy13

        Anytime! It’s the least I can do!

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