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Our Super Charged Stream Packages can be set up for OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements in just a few clicks.
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Free Alerts - Naughty or Nice

Free for a limited time only!

Discover if your viewers have been naughty or nice this year with our new Christmas alert theme! This animated alert pack will randomly choose (based on a percentage you set) what list to put your supporters on to. If they’ve been nice, then Santa will gently fire over a few gifts their way. But, if they’ve been naughty… let’s just say the bazooka has a few other treats packed in.

This alert pack works with Streamlabs and StreamElements on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook.

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$1 Overlay Packs

The same high-quality content you expect from Nerd or Die, but at an insanely low price. This special applies to the overlay download type (full packs are marked down by the amount discount for the overlay portion).

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