Name Our Next Overlay and Stream Pack!

THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. We’re getting closer to the release of our next stream package, but we have one problem… it doesn’t have a name yet! Check out the webcam border demo below, and respond to this tweet with your best name idea. For the official rules, please read below.

Retweets, shares, and likes will not factor into the decision of the contest’s winner, but may help visibility of your idea, depending on the amount of entries.

How to enter

Grand Prize

  • The winner will receive:
    • One (1) $100 gift card to the gaming platform of their choice (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, or Steam)
    • $50 store credit on our website,
    • Credit in the video and product page for their idea

How the winner is chosen

  • Winner be selected by an internal vote on or around April 16th
  • One or two word names are preferred, but not required. Check out our shop for currently used stream pack names
  • Multiple color themes will be available, so yellow/orange puns may not be the best idea
  • We will be looking for the best name that fits our new stream package – please view the webcam border for inspiration
    • The stream pack will feature web cam borders, supporter sections, and screen designs with a mad scientist lab inspiration
    • The pack is inspired by the game Fortnite
  • The overlay pack is planned to be released by  April 18th with the alert pack following at a to be determined date

Contest Rules

  • Respond to this tweet with your overlay package name idea
  • Submissions with profanity and/or inappropriate content or innuendo will not be considered
  • Please only submit one name idea, you will be judged on your first name entry
  • Names that infringe on copyrights will not be considered
  • If the winning entry has a duplicate, the entry with the earliest time stamp will be considered the winner
  • We may use a variation or substitution for the winning idea, however the winner will still receive all prizes