What is a Stinger Transition?

A stinger transition is one of the easiest ways to improve your stream production and your viewers experience. When watching a live stream on Twitch, Kick or YouTube, a streamer may have a short animation that plays when switching scenes. This animated video clip typically lasts a few seconds and may include audio to create a seamless and visually engaging transition. Streamers often use stinger transitions to compliment their brand and stream overlay, plus enhance the viewer experience.

What is a Matte Transition?

Just like stinger transitions, matte transitions are another effective way to enhance your stream production and viewer experience. Instead of just a short animation clip, a matte transition uses a visual effect where one scene is gradually covered or revealed by another using a shape or pattern. These transitions also last a few seconds and can be customized to match your branding, providing a smooth and visually engaging way to switch between scenes on platforms like Twitch, Kick, or YouTube.

Why You Should Use a Stinger

A stream transition is one of the easiest ways to improve your audience retention during what is typically a boring scene change. Using a stream transition keeps your production value high and entertaining.

How to install matte or stinger transitions

Installation of transitions for your stream is very easy. Whether you use Streamlabs Desktop or OBS Studio, we’ve got you covered: