We’re now open to applications for video editors and motion designers! If you feel you’d be the right fit for Nerd or Die, please use the application links below.

Current Positions

Currently the two positions we are open for are freelance video editors and motion designers. If you have experience in both, please only fill out one application.

Video Editor & Motion Designer

What we’re looking for:

  • An individual that is comfortable setting and meeting deadlines
  • Experience in professional software, such as Adobe Premiere or After Effects, where you feel comfortable and efficient
  • A person that has experience in creating video content for YouTube and has experience with Twitch (or live streaming), Gaming, and social media platforms

Why work with Nerd Or Die?

  • You’ll help us create high quality productions and marketing materials that will be seen by thousands of people
  • We have multiple years of experience in Twitch, YouTube, graphic, and web design
  • You’ll be able to work remotely on your own time
  • We operate by a user first system, so you can be proud of the products and work you’ll be a part of