We’ve created an online marketplace focused on graphics for streamers and content creators. We’re now taking applications from designers to sell items in our online shop! If you create Twitch, YouTube, or digital graphics we’d like to hear from you! We want to give our users the opportunity to find graphics to fit their needs and design tastes, while giving designers the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people.

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Why work with Nerd Or Die?

  • High quality items will be promoted on our website, Email list, social media, and YouTube channel
  • Work on products at your own pace
  • No web experience needed
  • We have thousands of users per day to our website and shop
  • Collaborate with other designers that have expertise outside your own (for instance you can design animations, and another design can do the coding for alerts)
  • We have multiple years of experience in graphic and web design, as well as Twitch and YouTube
  • Receive constructive criticism and feedback from members of our team
  • Bi-monthly payouts of all sales

It’s extremely important for us to make one thing clear: we are 100% committed to making sure that items and products sold are going to provide our customers with high value. Meaning, we’ll always want to put our users first. We want to make their streaming lives as easy as possible. So, if you’d like to create products that you think will achieve this, then please apply here.


Will I be able to sell my designs elsewhere?
Yes, you will have full control on where you sell your designs.

Is everyone approved?
No, all applications will be evaluated by a member of the Nerd or Die team. To ensure high quality content and products for our users, we will only be select designers.

What types of products may be sold on the market place?
You may list any items you feel will help streamers and content creators (for Twitch, YouTube, Hitbox, etc.). This can include overlays, Twitch panels, background videos, code snippets, stream notifications, and one time use logos. Products must be designed for end users, meaning we only sell products that are ready to go immediately after download. Products that include .psds, .css, or other types of “raw” files, must also include files that all end users can use. Meaning, you can decide to include your original design files in the product if you’d like.

How will I receive feedback on my designs?
We have a private discord created for vendors of our store. You can freely discuss any projects you’re working on. Also, all designs will be subject to evaluation by a managing member of Nerd or Die. Meaning, any item listed will be evaluated by our team. If we feel there are important improvements to be made, we will let you know before they are able to be listed. Lastly, you’ll be able to Email us any questions you might have about your designs, pricing, and promotions on our store.

How do my products get onto the store?
Through the vendor dashboard you will be able to list your products yourself, and they will be posted live after evaluation and approval. If you are not confident with handling posting items yourself, a member of Nerd or Die will be able to post the products for you. You will still be required to write up full descriptions of your products.

How can I track sales of my products?
All vendors will receive a log-in to our website that allows them to access the vendor dashboard. Here, you will be able to view all your sales information and expected commission payouts.

When are my payments sent to me?
The first and 15th of each month.

What percentage of sales will I receive from my products?
Commission percentages will be discussed privately, but you are guaranteed to receive more than a majority percentage of sales.

How do I price my products?
Prices are for our vendors to ultimately determine, but you may ask advice to members of the Nerd or Die team if you are unsure.

When will this marketplace be open to approved vendors?
Approved vendors may create their account, receive information about posting their products, and begin discussing ideas today. However, the marketplace won’t be officially open to new vendors until March 15th, 2017. We are still in the process of finalizing rules, guidelines, and procedures.

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