Will Pipeline.gg improve your stream?

If you haven’t already heard, Pipeline is a new paid, members only service and community for streamers looking to fast-track improvement of their content. Is it worth it? We became a member for a few months and here’s what we found…

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Disclaimer: After several months of membership we wrote this article. Nerd Or Die chose to partner with Pipeline to share their product information.
Pipeline have provided an exclusive discount on their subscription for us to share with our Nerd Or Die audience.

Pipeline overview - a premium, members only community

With an ever-increasing number of people getting in to live streaming the knowledge available is plentiful, but there’s few opportunities to bring that all under one roof and nowhere better than Pipeline.

A paid-for, members only community for streamers looking to fast-track improvement of their content.
With more and more people looking to turn their hobby into content for the masses, there’s never any guarantee on achieving success (whatever that is for you), but Pipeline looks to give the best information to help make it possible.

Pipeline membership is open to everyone, however we think it’s most beneficial for new and upcoming streamers or those who feel ‘stuck’ and are in need of inspiration. With a simple on-boarding process you’ll be thrown into a plethora of quality content to digest from day one.

“Our focus is on lowering the barrier to entry, as a new streamer it can be really intimidating to make sense of all the platforms, hardware and software,”

Stephen Ellis (Pipeline.gg founder)

There’s lots to digest, but we'll take you through 3 main areas of Pipeline we'd like to highlightThe Playbook, Masterclass, and of course, Group Mentorship.

The Playbook

The Playbook is an indispensable collection of information on streaming, covering the following major areas.

  • Foundations: Nailing down your niche and what you need to start building.
  • Community: The importance of the core community that will carry you towards turning streaming into a career.
  • Revenue: Exploring a range of monetisation options and when or how to consider becoming a business.
  • Growth: Understanding algorithms, platform strategy and knowing how to collaborate.
  • Systems: Setting yourself up whilst growing your career and the importance of support networks and handling of finances, design, editing and legal.


There’s currently four areas of Masterclass but these are expected to expand on a monthly basis. Each area contains in depth information from experienced figureheads.

  • StoneMountain64 it the man for the Youtube masterclass. He explains YouTube’s all important algorithms and how to re-purpose your livestream content to fully utilise YouTube and it’s billions of daily video views.
  • The mobile streaming masterclass from PUBG Mobile Pro HotJukes shares insight on using mobile streaming and covers caveats such as proper design as well as an in depth look at his entire personal setup and process.
  • RyaStream takes the Simulation streaming masterclass, a former truck driver who is now one of the most popular simulator streamers explains the important of recognising specific genres and building a community around the games you love.
  • Finally the Discord masterclass from Bird and Flo of the Pipeline team goes into great detail on managing discord communities small and large using years of experience and technology.

Group Mentorship

The group mentorship section is packed full with pages of stream specific videos from a variety of well-known names in the industry covering a vast selection of information. Creativity, collaboration, confidence and content are just a few of the areas they touch on.

These videos go into details of tried and tested techniques to help you improve as a streamer.

As well as concentrating on important areas specific to your streaming quality and content including those mentioned above, there’s some insightful content such as finding the balance between your own life and the important of utilising the support of those around you.

There's more to Pipeline than the courses

There’s no denying the courses and videos are great resources, but we’ve found there’s even more value when becoming a member. Here’s a summary of the extra inclusions.

Becoming a Streamer Podcast

The “Becoming a Streamer” Podcast from StoneMountain64 and the co-founder of Pipeline, Snoopeh, episodes are free to all and well worth visiting to get an idea of the range of knowledge, advice and guidance available from the team over at Pipeline. Each episode they chat with reputable streamers amassing millions of followers and subscribers.

Pipeline Blog

The Pipeline Blog covers a range information from news relating directly to the Pipeline website and service, but also interviews and articles concentrating on content creation, copyright, income, branding, events and much more. You will find pages and pages of free information that can prove invaluable as you take those early steps in your streaming career as well as advanced tips and strategies for those looking to further their knowledge and understanding of the streaming industry.

Pipeline Discord

Finally, the Pipeline Discord. We all know you love our helpful Discord community – but we recommend Pipeline’s members only Discord too. It houses thousands of streamers, new and experienced under one roof. All there with the same goal and ready to help each other. It’s an invaluable resource of live help and assistance from the community as well as top names in the industry. Finally, a place you can ask those pressing questions about your next steps in streaming progress!

Conclusion: Pipeline is an investment in yourself

There’s no denying some of the content and advice can be found for free elsewhere if you go digging. But from our experience, none of those are as linear, articulate or as concise as what Pipeline has to offer. In addition to this, the community of like-minded members are great to leverage ideas and provide feedback.

If your goal is to become the next big streamer, we all know there’s no template to get there. However, if you want to improve you stream process easier and more fun, Pipeline may be the tool for you.

Using the link below, not only do you get 15% off your membership, but there’s a 30 day money back guarantee for anyone unhappy with the content.

Pipeline have confidence in the information and tools they’re sharing with their members and we recommend giving it a go. We would love to hear feedback from our community on their progress.