I used to be a huge Guitar Hero player back in the day.  We’re talking hours upon hours of playing, enough practice for me to beat Through Fire and Flames on expert (but still not as good as this guy). Anyways, when I got the request to create some designs for JasonParadise, a competitive Guitar Hero player, I was really excited.

We wanted to create designs that gave off a rocker vibe, but could still work with other games.  Like most designs I started with a section that we could apply to other designs, so in this case it was the stream panels.  I thought it’d be cool to have guitar picks with icons representing each section, as well as a guitar fret feel behind the text.  Here’s what I came up with.


The design included an overlay, which ties in the use of the social media guitar picks.

Next, I moved onto the intro video to be used at the beginning of JasonParadise’s stream.  This actually took me a bit of time to fully complete, but it was definitely worth it.

With the final designs I wanted to have them all look and feel similar.

Intermission Video

Going Offline Video

And finally the offline image