Just wrapped up a complete design overhaul for a normal gamer dude, Pr0ggie.  Make sure to check out his channel if you’re looking to sit back, relax, and chat it up.  Pr0ggie also has a gaming community, Progressive Gaming, that emphasizes positivity and friendly gaming – which was also included in the redesign.

The first step, as with most of my designs, is to start with the logo.  After discussing a few ideas with Pr0ggie, we got around to the idea of a gamer-fish.  After playing around with a few concepts, here’s what we came up with:


I was a pretty big fan of the colors, and also decided to take the slash used in the zero in more design concepts.  Next, we moved onto his panels and overlay design.  The overlay was designed to be clean and adaptable to other games.



One of my most popular requests is for animated videos to be used as intro, outro, and even for intermission.  For this design we did all of those, but I took the time to make something really unique, and created custom animations inside of Photoshop.  Here is the result of Pr0ggie’s ending scene:

Finally, I finished this project with the design of his gaming community logo, Progressive gaming.  The idea behind a logo is a shield from the negativity that can sometimes ruin gaming experiences.