I recently had the opportunity to work with a very cool streamer, Ramez05.  If you’re into console FPS games, such as Halo or Destiny, then I highly recommend checking out his stream.  Anyways, let’s take a look at what I was able to design for him.

I started off with a logo for his organization, Versatile Gaming.  I wanted to go for a simple design with the letters ‘VG’.  Here’s the final design:


Next, I needed to design a similar logo, but this time for Ramez05 himself.  We both decided on using an ‘R’ somewhere, since he didn’t have a preference on anything specific for brand identification.  Here’s the result:


As you can probably tell I wanted to keep the two brands somewhat similar to each other.

With the logo and brand direction complete, it was time to move onto overlay and panel design.  The goal for these was to relate to the brands created shown above and also to have this carry over throughout any future designs.  Here’s an example of what his page will look like once all of the new graphics are implemented:


There are times when I design stuff for other people, and then realize that I created things that are better than what I use for myself.  This was one of those times.  I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out – and going through this project has made me realize that it might be time to update my personal graphics for Nerd or Die.

Oh, and one last item, I made a looping intro video for his stream.  This actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would.  Enjoy!

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