My latest Twitch design project was for one of the best Super Mario Maker streamer Grand_POOBear.  If you want to see some of the craziest Mario Maker levels get cleared, his stream is the place to be.

To start, GPB already had a logo and some branding in place.  My goal was to take what worked for him and expand upon it.  So, the first thing I created was a “Be Right Back” screen.  The reason I started here, was because I felt I could set a lot of the style rules and create most of the elements to be used throughout his design.  Check out the full video of how his BRB Screen turned out.

Grand_POOBear’s BRB Scene

I had an idea to created an animated bar at the bottom of his screen that rotates through important information, gather tweets from #POONation, and show off his best assets… his emotes.  Through some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript magic I created a bar that is (somewhat) simple to update.  I went with web-based code for two reasons.  First, I wanted the user to be able to make changes on the fly, and have no need to re-render any scenes.  Second, I wanted to pull in Tweets and animate them as well.

After the BRB scene was complete, it was smooth sailing.  I changed up the bottom bar just a bit for the starting screen and through in some videos from Beeple’s website.  Check out the intro scene below.

Grand_POOBear’s Intro Scene

If you’ve seen any of my designs before, you’d know that I like to keep things pretty minimal.  Now that I had the majority of the artwork complete and colors selected, I decided to make an animated overlay.  For this design, the icons stay on the screen for a few minutes, after which they disappear.  Once they’re gone the heading text shifts over into place.  This animation runs on a loop and can be changed via JavaScript.

Grand_POOBear’s Animated Overlay

Overlay Design

The final piece of the puzzle was a retro overlay that has space for LiveSplit (top left), streamer (bottom left), and death counter (to the right of the streamer).  You can see that design below.

Grand_POOBear’s Retro Overlay

Retro Gaming Overlay Layout

Since I had a large amount of artwork completed, I quickly made a couple of items for GPB’s social media.

Grand_POOBear’s Currently Offline Image

Currently Offline Image

Grand_POOBear’s Twitter Banner

Twitter Banner

Grand_POOBear’s YouTube Banner

YouTube Banner

Grand_POOBear’s Twitch Banner

Twitch Banner

Screen shots from the videos

Twitter Scene - Brb Layout

TeeSpring Scene - Brb Layout

 Schedule Scene - Brb Layout

Emote Scene - Brb Layout

Discord Scene - Brb Layout

Starting Scene Intro Layout