Our latest commission project is big for two reasons. First, we got to complete a rebranding for ITShizuma.  She actually talks about the design process and her stream on her website. The second reason is that we can now officially welcome Chris as the newest member to the Nerd or Die team!  We’ll get more into what Chris will be bringing to NoD in a bit, but let’s first check out the new designs.

Logo Design

As usual, we like to start with a logo.  This gives us the opportunity to consider different typefaces, colors, and design elements that will go into the rest of the design.  For this logo in particular we wanted to create something that mirrors some of ITShizuma’s personality. We also really enjoyed her suggestion of incorporating a wolf into the design. In the end, this is what we decided on.

ITShizuma Logo

Offline Image Design

One of the next items that I personally like to make next, is an offline image for Twitch.  I recommended this process to Chris, because it helps us understand a bit more of what we’d like to add into the branding as a whole.  As you can see, we wanted just a bit of tech feel, which will show a bit more in the other items.

ITShizuma's Offline Image

Channel Appearence

From there, we moved onto the actual channel design, during a stream.  This process included designing some panels to display relevant information, as well as an overlay for her on screen gameplay.  ITShizuma had a couple of specific requests for the overlay – so, going off of those, this is what we came up with.

ITShizuma's Stream Page

As you can see we like to use transparency as much as possible, to give the viewers a better visual of the game being played.

Twitch and Twitter Banner Design

An important piece to this request was the banners to be used on both Twitch and Twitter.  Twitch’s banner system is a bit odd to work with (at least in my opinion).  They list a size that generally gives poor results on desktop and mobile.  The design you’ll see below is what we went with for her Twitter banner.  The Twitch banner shares a similar style, but is sized at 2080x480px, which is the size that we’ve found to work best.


You’ll notice some of the grid that we used earlier placed in the sky.  Not only did we like the way that it looked, but we felt that it gave off the vibe of a wolf in a tech-based world.

Motion Graphics

The final piece to this branding package was some motion graphics.  Again, using the wolf theme we created an introduction, intermission, and outro scene design using full motion graphics.  We designed small clips that loop so that the broadcaster can use these scenes as long as needed.  For our designs we try not to distract too much with a lot of motion, but you should be able to notice the slight movement of fog and the glow of the moon in each design.

Intro Video Design

Intermission Video Design

Outro Video Design

We hope you enjoy these designs, let us know what you think!

What does having Chris as a part of Nerd or Die mean?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, we’re excited to add a new member to Nerd or Die.  Chris has been working in the design field for over five years, and has been a friend to Nerd or Die for even longer.  With him joining the team we will be able to produce higher quality motion graphics and 3D designs.  During recent weeks we’ve been experiencing a higher volume in requests for custom designs – with new members we will be able to complete more requests, in a more timely manner.

However, our focus in Nerd or Die isn’t just custom commission designs.  Chris will also be helping us provide more free resources and tutorials, which you’ll be able to see in the next coming weeks.  In the future you can look forward to some videos about Cinema 4D, motion graphics, and Adobe Illustrator.