My latest commission for a Twitch Graphic pack came from the streamer Leafy0.  I knew we were going to have a fun time once he requested something with a Final Fantasy Moogle on it.  To start, Leafy0 had a logo designed already, as well as a good idea on what he was looking for in the design.

Let’s start with the overlay and panel design.  For the overlay, we wanted something that was extremely minimal, but still represented Leafy0’s brand.  Also, a unique feature about his overlay, is that I included some HTML, CSS, and JS into his overlay source, which let me create a leaf that falls from the top of the screen in a random position.  Typically I wouldn’t recommend distractions like these in an overlay, but the design was so simple and minimal, that I felt that it added something unique to this design.


For the panels, I didn’t want to go far from the theme we decided on.  I’m really pleased how the entire package works together, and was happy to design something a bit different than the standard Twitch overlay.

Next, we moved on to some videos to be used for his stream introduction, intermissions, and ending sequence.  Leafy0 actually got a preview of something I was designing for myself, and requested it to be added into his videos.  So, this is actually the first design I’ve incorporated a live Twitter feed into, as part of the video.

The way this works is that I actually made a full webpage for all of his videos, which is then brought into OBS via the CLR browser, or XSplit as a webpage URL.

This allows us to set up any sort of Twitter widget, and bring it directly into his stream.  The rest was simply an HTML5 video on a loop.  The video design was intended to show sunlight shining through the leaves and branches.

Finally, I did a series of banners for Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch that is based on the video design.