I just wrapped up some designs for MiiSTYMiisty a variety streamer that you should definitely check out!  For this project we were looking to create some stream panel headers, videos, and an in between games overlay.

I started the project with her stream panel headers and offline image.  As with most of my designs, I like to keep things simple, so here’s what we came up with.


I’m really happy with how the panels and image turned out, and how they work together.  I also really liked the idea of highlighting a an important panel, in this case it’s the subscribe button.

The next task was creating imagery to be used on MiistyMiisty’s stream.  Originally I was going to make images for certain parts, but I felt that it would be a lot nicer to add some subtle animations to each video.

My favorite screen is her be right back screen. We picked out some images from her social media and incorportated them into a looping carousel.

A starting soon video.

An overlay to be used when in between games, to talk to chat, or just general hanging out.

And finally a video to be used when the stream is ending.

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