This year’s Twitchmas was a great success!  It gave me a chance to connect with 12 different people across the Twitch universe, and was an excellent challenge for my creativity.  Check out the winners and their designs below!

The Twitchmas ‘Nice’ List

Day 1 – Mario_Lab


Logo Design

Day 2 – MrRavens


Logo and offline image design

Day 3 – ClintStevens


Logo Design

Day 4 – BlueBoyHD

BlueBoyHD YouTube Banner

YouTube Artwork

Day 5 – BoomBaDah

Starting Soon Screen for BoomDaBah

Overlays and Screen Designs

Day 6 – PlatyWombus

Animated Background Design

Day 7 – PrincessChlo

Princess Chlo Logo presentation

Logo Design

Day 8 – RacoonBandit

Racoon Bandit Logo

Logo Design

Day 9 – BrutalBex

Twitch Panel Design

Day 10 – TrainsyTV

Trainsy TV Donation Notification

Custom Notification

Day 11 – Amberthyst

Creative Santa Twitch Design

Day 12 – Ramez05

Social Social Media Popup

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