One-click overlay import script for OBS Studio

  • Install your OBS Studio scenes in just one click with our Supercharged Overlays.
  • Set up your stream faster and with professional precision. More details and features coming soon.

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What is a Supercharged Overlay?

A Supercharged overlay is our way of making streaming set up easier. Our new file importer allows you to set up your overlays and scenes in a few clicks. The import process is near instant, and allows you to easily customize the layout. You’ll can import all files at once, each scene individually, or select specific sources and groups to import. More features are planned which will enable new, unique methods of overlay creation.

What products will be Supercharged?

All products will be updated over time. However, we’re starting with a limited launch of 3 overlays which includes the Glitch 2, Borderline, and Retrowave packs. After the initial test we will be adding more overlays weekly. You can sign up for notifications and beta testing on this page.

When will this be released?

To be announced.