There has been a major update to this product. You can find the new article here.

Advanced Overlay Maker Version 2

Design and Customize Fully Animated Overlays and Widgets!

Dive deep into an easy-to-use overlay building experience. The Advanced Overlay Maker gives you access to more than just pre-built overlay templates. Learn more about the AOM with our documentation page.

When you subscribe you can:

  • Choose brand specific colors with any of our power themes
  • Edit the text and spacing of overlays and widgets to better fit your stream aesthetic
  • Mix and match theme designs from a growing library
  • Translate text to your native language via our text boxes
  • Get set up quickly with our premade layouts
  • Choose from unique designs and widgets that can only be found in an app like this
  • Quickly edit and save updates to the overlays and widgets that you’ve built

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