Work with us – Graphic Designer

PogChamp! We’re looking for an experienced and talented graphic designer to help us with a variety of content for Nerd or Die. Nerd or Die designs content for content creators such as Twitch/Mixer/Youtube streamers.

This is a flexible, casual and open-ended role for someone with proven abilities. So if you’re a fan of live streaming and creating content for Twitch, Mixer and Youtube, this might be for you. This is one of those fancy work-from-home, wherever, whenever you want kind of gigs – perfect for someone who has existing work but wants a bit of fun on the side. We don’t do offices and our very official meetings may be done entirely in GIFs.

Must have’s

  • Be a graphic designer
  • Be a gamer
  • Proven experience designing overlays/alerts
  • Actively live and breathe live streaming (watching or creating!)
  • Comprehensive understanding of alert systems such as Streamlabs
  • Receive feedback and criticism positively

Great to have’s

  • Animation abilities
  • HTML/CSS/Java knowledge
  • Dad jokes
  • Familiar with WordPress


This is a casual working arrangement and compensation details will be discussed with the successful applicant.

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