Appearance and Timings

You can customize your social media popup in only a few steps. Please read the instructions below carefully. You may choose any of our pre-loaded icons, or upload your own.

Any uploaded images are not stored on our server.

Watch the full video guide here.

  1. Use the inputs below to select the colors or enter timings for each section
  2. Click "Download"
  3. Please note: You may receive a warning about downloading the second file, allow this as well.
  4. Place your newly downloaded files in the "settings-and-images" folder found in the downloads
  5. When complete you should have three files in your "settings-and-images" folder. You should only have these files in your settings-and-images folder.
  6. In your stream software add a HTML Browser Source, select the "social-media-popup-v2.html" file. Set the width to 1000 and height to 200. You may need to increase the width and height depending on your font size and length of network names
  7. If you need to change your icons and network names, visit the Add Your Networks page
{{settingName | humanCamel}} {{settingDetails.desc}}

Social Popup Preview