You can customize your social media popup in only a few steps. Please read the instructions below carefully. You may choose any of our pre-loaded icons, or upload your own.

Any uploaded images are not stored on our server.

Watch the full video guide here.

  1. Click any of the pre-loaded icons to add them to your social media popup
  2. If you'd like to add a custom icon, you can do so by clicking the "Upload Images" button or dragging and dropping your icons into the drop area
  3. You may preview the icons added on the right
  4. Use the "Remove button" found under the drop area to remove any uncessary icons
  5. Enter the text that you would like displayed on the popup for each icon in the input sections that are labeled "Enter Text Here"
  6. Click "Download"
  7. Please note: you maybe receive a pop-up notification about downloading multiple files, click allow. You may also receive a warning about downloading the second file, allow this as well
  8. Place your newly downloaded files in the "settings-and-images" folder found in the downloads
  9. Continue to the Appearance and Timings section (labeled Read Me Second)

Add your networks - click the icons below

Add Custom Icons

Drag and drop, or press the upload button below, to add custom icons.

Important Update: you must now click both download buttons to get the files you need.

Still trouble downloading? Right click directly on the the image sheet and choose "save as".

Icon Sheet Preview

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