Advanced Overlay Maker FAQS

You’ll find our most frequently asked questions on this page. Looking for help on a specific product? We’ll include FAQs on each products page, in the FAQ tab. If your questions are not answered here or on the product’s page then please contact us for support.

Our app is available to download from within the Streamlabs OBS marketplace.

Yes, but not on launch. There is a variety of alerts, overlays, event lists, and widgets that we’ll be adding in over time.

Once you cancel your subscription, you will have access to the Advanced Overlay Maker until the end of your subscription cycle. Once they cycle is over, all elements used through the Advanced Overlay Maker will no longer be available. This means you will not be able to use the overlays and widgets that you’ve created.

If you choose to restart your subscription, your previously customized resources will be instantly available.

Yes! If you found the perfect theme, great! Our themes are always available for purchase in the Nerd or Die shop. However, you will have access to new themes and advanced widgets as they’re released, via the Advanced Overlay Maker.

The app store will support PayPal and Credit Cards. All payments will be processed through Streamlabs. New payment methods will be added at their discretion.

Tutorials can be found on our YouTube channel, our website, and by clicking the help button found in the app’s menu area.

Yes! Any text included can be edited easily in the text boxes of the widget editor. However, not all fonts support multiple languages.We recommend you use the Google Fonts page to view all the fonts that are included with the app. This will also allow you to sort by language.

Not yet. But a quick setup for specific themes is something we’d like to have included as soon as possible.

Yes. While our goal is to provide the best overlays and widgets possible, we understand that users may want to use other designs, or even create their own. This is why we took a more modular approach to building your widgets.

You can find this information on our blog, our Twitter page, and in the changelog of the app itself.

We think the Advanced Overlay Maker can be used by beginners and advanced users. If you use Streamlabs OBS, we think it’s a great addition to your streamer toolkit.

We have always wanted to make a product for our long time customers as well, and we think this is the start of that. With the ability to mix and match, customize colors, and translate text, this app is perfect for anyone who wants to creat on-brand overlays, all while having the option to use any new themes or widgets as they’re released.

If you’re happy with our store items, and a one-time purchase, great! We’ll continue to put our best effort into that as well. But this app may not be for you.

Maybe. We currently have plans for widgets that won’t be easy to distribute and setup easily, without the Streamlabs OBS platform. Our goal is to provide products that are unique, innovative, and easy to use.

We wanted to perfect and polish the overlay and widget system before we moved onto alerts. Also, we think that Streamlabs does a great job with alerts and event lists.

Yes! If you find a theme you love, then you can still purchase it via our online shop.

Currently the app does not allow for sources to always run in the background. However, we will be investigating ways to make this possible in the future.

We recommend using a stinger or fade transition when changing scenes while using our app.

The Advanced Overlay Maker includes multiple animated widgets. We’ve done our best to optimize each widget and will continue to do so. Generally, performance issues will be caused if you use too many widgets in one scene. However, we don’t anticipate users to reach this limit in most setups.