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  • I have been trying to download the scene maker files with no success. When I click on download files, I get an error message “Invalid download link go to shop”, when I go to shop there are no instructions as to how one might download the files. Can anyone advise, please?

    • NerdOrDie

      Hey Trevor, sorry for the issue. Glad we figured it out via Email. To anyone else with a similar problem, make sure to try another browser first. Sometimes browsers may have some weird settings to block downloads… this problem is rare though.

    • Stereo Room

      Me too

      • Try downloading the program in a different browser. I was trying with Chrome with no success, then upon Derrick’s advice I changed to Edge and it worked fine. I just hope when you successfully download the app you don’t have the problem I have had and still have trying to access your work after you transfer the settings file.