What is a goal widget?

A goal widget for live streamers displays progress towards objectives like fundraising or subscriber targets, fostering engagement, motivation, and transparency. It’s a visual tool to involve viewers, track progress, and celebrate achievements.

How to add a goal widget?

Adding a goal widget to Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming involves several steps:

  1. Decide on the type of goal (e.g., fundraising, subscriber count) and set a target.
  2. Select a goal widget provider or create a custom widget using software like Streamlabs or StreamElements.
  3. Customize the widget’s appearance, including colors, fonts, and progress indicators.
  4. Obtain the widget’s embed code or URL from the provider.
  5. In your streaming software, add a new “browser” source and paste the widget URL.
  6. Position and resize the widget to fit your stream layout.
  7. Test the widget to ensure it displays correctly and updates in real-time during your streams.

How to make a goal widget?

Creating your own goal widget requires some coding know-how. Using a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can make anything you want! If you’re not an experienced developer, that’s okay too – because we provide a range of goal widgets ready to import and customize to your liking.