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Free Stream Graphics Giveaway – Monthly Contest

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Graphics Giveaway Apr '17

What free stream graphics can I win?

One winner a month will receive $100 commission credit to use with Nerd or Die.  We’ll work with you and provide a free and custom designed graphic(s) for use with your stream – or whatever you’d like!

The winner will also have their stream and designs featured in a YouTube video that we will share on the Nerd or Die channel.

The winner can choose from any items we offer on our Commission Request page – up to a $100 value. The winner may choose from:

  • Logo
  • Stream Panel Headers
  • Stream Graphic Overlay
  • Stream Notifications
  • Emotes
  • Interactive Elements
  • Video Background / Transitions
  • Custom CSS
  • We will also work with you if any other type of custom graphics are requested

*Winner will receive $100 value of custom graphics. 

How are winners chosen?

Winners will be chosen at random by the Gleam.IO system. If you have more questions, please visit their F.A.Q. page and learn more about their system.

How can I enter to win?

Entries will be done through the Gleam Widget embedded on this page.  You can perform various actions such as sharing on Twitter, following us on Twitch, and even visiting certain pages of this site.

Do any restrictions apply?

The winner will be treated like any of our commission customers.  We will contact the winner via Email and discuss what graphics they would like. We will provide an estimate price list of the graphics they are interested in, and allow the winner to choose up to $100 worth of custom designs.  Please allow up to 1 month for delivery of item.

The winner also agrees to have their design featured in a YouTube video on the Nerd or Die channel.