Atlas – Overlay Package


Atlas Overlay Package is a simple sci-fi themed package, designed to get you set up in no time! Each item is an individual .webm file, allowing you to customize your overlay as you please. Works for Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, XSplit, OBS Live and great for streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. For Streamlabs OBS users we’ve included an easy import .overlay file.

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Our animated Atlas Overlay theme is here, and we hope you’re as hyped as we are!

We created this overlay to be used for any stream for Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Mixer and more.  This download includes .webm files that can be placed inside of your streaming or video production software.

Atlas Overlay Contents

  • Animated Webcam Designs
    • 16:9 Simple Webcam Frame and Full Webcam Frame
    • 4:3 Simple Webcam Frame and Full Webcam Frame
  • HUD / Supporter Section Designs – With Text
    • Three Sections Simple
    • Three Sections Full
    • Four Sections Simple
  • HUD / Supporter Section Designs – Blank (no text)
    • Three Sections Simple
    • Three Sections Full
    • Four Sections Simple

File Names

File included will be marked with “simple”, “full”, “blank”, and “text”.  These terms represent the following:

  • Simple – Does not have space for nameplate and social media section
  • Full – Includes area for nameplate and social media
  • Blank – Has no text, allowing you to customize each section further
  • Text – Includes text such as “Recent Follower” in the file