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Eureka! Our lab just cooked up a new overlay and alert pack! Designed for Fortnite, casual gamers, and comic fans alike. The overlay set features multiple colors themes that you can combine easily to add an extra layer of creativity. The alert pack includes 6 unique animated designs. It also was designed to be able to translate into any language (please read product description for more information).


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Product Description

ElectroLyte Overlay

Eureka! Our much anticipated Fortnite themed overlay has arrived! This pack includes highly animated elements, the ability to customize your scene layouts, and multiple color themes ranging from bright and vibrant to cool and calm. Capture the storm when you download and install this overlay for your stream.

We’ve also included Streamlabs OBS .overlay files for those of you that want to get up and running almost instantly.

Want to learn more about setting up the product? View the read me file here.

Looking to translate the overlay?

We’ve created this pack in a way that will allow you to translate it to your native language. However, there are a few drawbacks we want to point out before you purchase.

  • The recommended font may not be compatible with your language, as it may not include all characters. Because of this, you will need to find a font that you like that supports your language.
  • We’ve included multiple “blank” versions of each graphic in the overlay. Allowing you to use text sources where needed.
  • The Starting, Be Right Back, and Ending scenes can be translated, but your text will not be animated like in the demo video. Instead, the text will be added in as a text source behind the light that shines onto it.
  • The Twitch panels PSD is compatible with Photoshop CC, in order to translate the panels, Photoshop CC will be required.

What’s included with my downloads?

Full Stream Package

  • Includes all items in the Alert and Overlay Package

Alert Package

  • Six unique alert designs
  • Animated designs for Streamlabs + 1-click setup link
  • Supports Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook and Mixer
  • Customize text fields, fonts and colors with built in controls in Streamlabs
  • Multilingual (works with any language)

Overlay Package

  • Multiple color themes available
  • Preset and modular animated overlay elements
  • Includes .overlay file for Streamlabs OBS
  • Panel Designs (PSD for Photoshop CC included) + Icon Sets
  • Screen Designs (Starting, Be Right Back, Ending and Blank Version)
  • Add ANY background of your choosing to your screen designs
  • View the Overlay setup readme guide
  • Ability to translate to any language (some restrictions apply, please read the product description)
  • Please contact us before purchasing this overlay pack with any questions.

Stinger Transition

  • A 3D garage door stinger transition
  • Includes version with and without sound

Overlay Setup Video

Alerts Setup Video

Additional information
Download Type

Full Stream Package, Alerts, Overlays, Stinger Transitions


Product Specific FAQs

  • Can I translate this overlay?

    Yes. But there are some restrictions to translation. Please read the product description for full details.

  • Will I play Fortnite better with Fortified running on my stream?

    No. But if you send us a clip of yourself rocket riding while getting a snipe kill to win the match with the event list active in your scene, we’ll send you a $20 gift card for our site.

  • Will this use more CPU than a standard overlay?

    With any of our animated products, you will see a higher use on your CPU while streaming. While this increase should be a small amount, we highly recommend that you disable the sources when they are not visible in order to reduce overall CPU usage. Any mid-ranged system should be able to handle this pack with no problem.

    Another suggestion for reducing CPU usage is to combine the lite overlay with the animated overlay. Using the static images included in the lite version will take significantly less CPU to run. We do our best to make all of our products work with a variety of systems, but please understand that animations in both alerts and overlays will take a bit more processing power.

General FAQs

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