EventPop is minimalist event list design that uses horizontal space. You’ll be able to set up this design in a matter of seconds, and customize to match your channels branding.

  • Easy to setup & configure
  • Will adjust and fit to any length of text and/or name
  • Non-intrusive simplicity with layers of animation
  • Multiplatform (Twitch, Youtube & Mixer supported)
  • Includes custom fields to allow for color adjustment and text editing (compatible with almost any language)
  • Customize timings to hide individual events or the entire list when inactive
Sold By: PixelKhaos


Stepping away from the standard, we created a horizontal styled event list that doesn’t ‘block up’ an entire area of your viewers screen. We opted for something that’s a mix of an overlay, but with the functionality of an event list. It focuses on minimalism and layered/staggered animation that gives it a ‘pop’ feel (and some hop)!

ReadMe contains info on usage, and the Streamlabs profile simple setup link is included in the download.


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