Jackpot Alert Package for Streamlabs


You’ve hit the Jackpot! With our new alert package you can easily turn your stream into an interactive game. Your viewers can spin the slots simply by supporting your stream.

Full video walk through.

  • Customize your slot icons with ANY images, emotes, icons
  • Works with Tips, Subs, Resubs, Cheer, Hosts, and Follows (you decide which!)
  • Customize the win percentages
  • Only tested with OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster, StreamLabs, and Muxy
    • Future updates may add more alert systems – please check back or follow us on Twitter for updates
    • May work with other software, but has not been fully tested
    • XSplit Broadcaster requires a few extra steps to have the winner animation display properly
  • Includes custom sound effects when used with StreamLabs and Muxy alert systems
  • Winner animation
  • “Rainbow Slots” effect, for use with big tippers, big cheers, and resubscribers
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It’s your lucky day! Turn your stream alerts into a fun way to interact with your viewers. We’ve created the Jackpot slot machine alerts as a way for broadcasters and content creators to allow their channel supporters to play games with them by tipping, following, subscribing, hosting, or cheering!

Full video walk through.

With this package you can easily set up your own slot machine with custom icons and win percentages. It’s up to you to decide what happens when your viewers hit the Jackpot! Please be advised that you should only offer awards that do not have any monetary value.

This package is only fully tested with OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster and the StreamLabs + Muxy alert system. Future updates may add more alert systems and stream software.