Clearview Stream Package

Clearview Stream Package

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Give your stream the professional look it deserves with this clean Clearview Stream Package. Including layout presets and modular elements so you can go all out or show off a little. Purchase the overlays and alerts separately or in a bundled pack.

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Clearview Stream Package

Easily adaptable to most games and applications, the layout is clean and unobtrusive of most interfaces. All animated elements will work within Streamlabs OBS, OBS Studio, Bebo, XSplit and other broadcast software. Social icons and panels are included to help connect with your audience through your social media and services (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Steam, Discord and more).

Please review the product description before purchasing.

Make sure you read the Clearview setup guide!

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Clearview Stream Package Details

Full Stream Package

  • Includes all items in the Alert and Overlay Package

Clearview Alerts Package:

  • Quick setup file for Streamlabs OBS and Alerts
  • Original WebMs included
  • Available in English only

Clearview Overlay Package:

  • Webcam Overlays (16:9 and 4:3)
  • Supporter Bar Overlays (x2)
  • Modular Design (use as much or as little as you like)
  • Animated Stream Starting/Ending Screens/BRB
  • Animated Blank Screen
  • Intermission and Offline Screen
  • Profile Panels (PSD included)
  • Icons for Social Media
  • Animated Alerts (sold separately or bundled)

Clearview Lite Package:

  • Static Overlays
  • Panels and Icons
  • Stinger Transition
  • Streamlabs OBS .overlay setup file (for static overlays)

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Full Stream Package, Alerts, Overlays, Lite Version


Product Specific FAQs

  • Can I change the color?

    You can edit the color only via the OBS Studio and StreamLabs OBS color correction filters. This means you will shift the hue, saturation, and brightness of the sources you’re using.

    We recommend that you test drive the free lite pack before you purchase if you’re unsure on being able to get the color combination that you desire.

    Important: you will not be able to edit the color of the stinger transition.

  • How much CPU does this use?

    With any of our animated products, you will see a higher use on your CPU while streaming. While this increase should be a small amount, we highly recommend that you disable the sources when they are not visible in order to reduce overall CPU usage. Any mid-ranged system should be able to handle this pack with no problem.

    Another suggestion for reducing CPU usage is to combine the lite overlay with the animated overlay. Using the static images included in the lite version will take significantly less CPU to run. We do our best to make all of our products work with a variety of systems, but please understand that animations in both alerts and overlays will take a bit more processing power.

  • Why do I see artifacts on my source in StreamLabs OBS?

    Some users may see what appears as "artifacts" or digital distortion on their media sources in StreamLabs OBS. This is a known bug and will not appear on stream.

    We have contact StreamLabs about the issue and responded to us that it is something on their bug tracker. While this will not effect the appearance of your stream, a restart to StreamLabs OBS may resolve the issue.


  • Why does my stinger transition looks choppy?

    There are two possibilities for this.

    You are using the 15 fps version. The “stinger.webm” is set to 15 frames per second. If you’re watching this closely, it may not appear as smooth as you’d like. In this case we’d recommend trying the 30 or 60 fps versions.

    You’re using the 60 fps version. The 60 fps version is not recommended for all systems. If you have a low to mid tiered streaming system, you may see better results using the 30 or 15 fps versions.

  • Can I mute or adjust the volume of the alert default sounds?

    Yes. In the "Custom Fields" tab within StreamLabs you will find a slider for "Video Volume". Adjust this slider and hit "Save Settings" to lower or mute the default alert sounds.

  • How do I edit the text for the starting, brb, or ending screen?

    You will use text sources add in your own custom text. We've included blank background files and an animated file for the line animation in these screen designs.

    Simply add text sources using the recommend font in the setup guide. We recommend adding these text sources over a fully complete design, in order to properly line up and size your sources.

    Remember, when adding text sources it is best to increase the font sizes in the source properties. Otherwise your text may appear blurry.

    The pale green color used is #02F8AF

General FAQs

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