Retrowave Alerts Package

Retrowave Stream Package

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Retrowave Full Stream Package

  • Includes all items in the Alert and Overlay Package

Retrowave Alert Package

  • Animated designs for Streamlabs
  • Supports Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook and Mixer
  • Graphic Text (English only)
  • Custom sound for each alert
  • 1-click setup link
  • Watch the demo video!

Retrowave Overlay Package

  • Preset and modular animated overlay elements
  • Multiple Color Variations
  • Includes .overlay file for StreamLabs OBS
  • Goal Widgets for StreamLabs (Donation, Follower, and Bits Goal)
  • Panel Designs (with multiple color variation)
  • Screen Designs (Starting, Be Right Back, and Ending Stream)
  • Icon Sets
  • Custom Logo Presets (requires Photoshop CC 2018 to edit)
  • Scene Transitions – Stingers

Sold By: Nerd or Die


Retrowave 80s Styled Overlays and Alerts

What’s cooler than the 80s? Well, lots of things – but we still love it. Go back to the hard-hitting, neon loving, radical and excessive synthesizer times with your audience.

The alerts and overlays packs can be bought separately or in a bundle.

This stream package is designed for use with StreamLabs and will work for streaming on Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Facebook and Mixer. WebM files have been provided if you’d like to use with other platforms that support this type of file. Please note, the text animation and designs will not be supported outside of these platforms and are provided in English only. The overlay pack comes with all files needed for the most popular streaming software, as well as .overlay files to be used in StreamLabs OBS.

Want to learn more about setting up the product? View the read me file here.

Alerts Video Demo

Overlays Video Demo

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Full Stream Package, Alerts, Overlays, Stinger Transitions


Product Specific FAQs

  • Can I mute the custom sounds that are included?

    Yes. You can reduce the sound levels in the “Custom Fields” tab on each type of alert. If you would like to mute the sound completely, set the “Video Volume” to 0%.

  • Do I need Photoshop?

    For the most part, no. The only part that requires Photoshop is editing the premade logo designs and panel template. We’ve included as many panels as we could, so that you hopefully won’t need to make any changes.

    Please update/upgrade to the latest Photoshop CC. These files will not work in older, legacy versions of the software.

    We’ve also included blank versions of a lot of graphics that you can edit in other image editing software or even OBS Studio.

  • Can I change the color of the overlay?

    Yes, via the OBS color correction filter. We’ve also included multiple color templates.

  • Can I change the color of the alerts?

    No. Due to the high level of animation included in each alert, you cannot custom pick colors for this alert package.

  • How long does this take to set up?


    The overlays can take 30 minutes or longer, depending on how familiar you are with your streaming software and the level of customization/detail that you will use. We’ve included .overlay files for StreamLabs OBS users that will reduce the setup time to under 10 minutes.


    The alerts should take you a few minutes to set up.

  • Can I keep elements from my existing overlay and combine with these?

    Yes, all elements are provided as individual pieces. You can mix and match with anything you like.

General FAQs

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