General Information

Thanks for checking out the Fortified event list. We designed this with Fornite streamers in mind, but added options to let you customize it to work with almost any stream design. This guide will cover items downloaded from and This page will guide you through the setup process. If you have any questions that aren’t answered in this setup guide, please feel free to contact us.

Photoshop is not required for any portions of this product.

This event list has been designed for use with OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster, BEBO, Streamlabs OBS, and most other streaming softwares. Please make sure your streaming software is up to date before using this product. If you are not familiar with how to set up and use streaming software, we strongly suggest checking out the below tutorial before moving on:

OBS Studios Tutorials by NerdOrDie

Before You Install

If you’d like to match the style of the overlay and alerts, use the fonts listed below.

Installation Guide

Watch the Event List Video Guide

Importing into your Streamlabs account

These steps will guide you through how to get the event list imported into your Streamlabs account.

  1. Download the files from our website and then extract (unzip) onto your computer.
  2. Double click the Fortified Event List Setup for Streamlabs link in your downloaded files. If you need to log in to Streamlabs.
  3. If you’d like to keep this event list separate from other widget profiles you’ve made, choose “Create Widget Theme” and name it something appropriate such as “Fortified”. The import link will only override your event list. This means you can combine this event list with any other Widget Themes you’ve made in Streamlabs. But, if you don’t want to override your current event list, then create a new widget theme.
  4. Select “Use” for the profile you want to import into.
  5. You may notice the preview area does not properly animate the event list – don’t worry if it doesn’t, this is completely normal. This area will only be used for looking at the design only, and not the animations.
  6. Navigate to “Widget URL” and copy your unique URL.
  7. Paste this URL as a “Browser Source” in your streaming software. We recommend setting the size to at least 600 wide and 1000 tall. This size may change depending on your customization options.
  8. Scale down if needed.
  9. Click the test buttons a few times to get an idea about the overall size of the widget.

Once you’ve sized everything appropriately we can move onto the options.

The animations don’t work after I save settings

Sometimes you will need to refresh the page or the event list widget inside of your streaming software, before all settings can take effect. Typically the easiest way to do this is by refreshing the cache of your browser source in order to get everything to display as intended.

In OBS Studio you can easily do this by clicking the “Refresh cache of current page” button in your browser source properties.

Standard Streamlabs Options

  • Theme and Theme Color will have no effect on this widget.
  • Enable Events – allows you to decide which events you want to display inside the widget.
  • Min Options – sets how many viewers for hosts, bits, or raiders for raids will trigger an event.
  • Max Events – changes how many events are displayed at once.
  • Background Color – is only for preview purposes.
  • Text Color – changes the color of the usernames.
  • Font – pick the font family for usernames in this package, the default is “Luckiest Guy”.
  • Animation and Animation Speed will have no effect on this widget.
  • Fade Time – hides the entire widget after X seconds, a setting of 0 always displays the widget.
  • Other Options will allow you to flip the widget.
    • Enabling Flip Y will make the events come from the bottom towards the top.
    • Enabling Flip X will make the events aligned to the right side.
    • Both can be enabled at the same time.
  • Keep events history – loads past events when you restart your streaming software.
  • Please do not change the custom HTML/CSS options unless you know HTML/CSS/JS – we do not support custom changes.
Fortified widget cheat sheet - Fortnite Inspired

Custom Field Options

Use the above image to help you with the options listed below. Click the “Custom Fields” tab to begin. DO NOT click “reset code” or “remove overlays”.

  • Badge Background Color – Solid color behind each badge.
  • Badge Base Color – Changes the base color of all the badges.
  • Badge Scale – A percentage scale of the badge size.
  • Text Alignment –  Sets which side your text will be aligned to. Typically this is best to leave on centered, but if you decide to hide some of the elements, it might look better to set this to right or left.
  • Text Padding – The space between the text and the edges of the boards. If you want a more minimal design, you can decrease this option to get the text closer to the badges.
  • Text Shadow Color – The shadow color behind all the text. Tip: it’s usually a good idea to have this be a contrasting color from your main text colors.
  • Fade Out Position – The number of the event that you want your events to start fading out at. Example: if you have 5 total events shown, you can set this to 4, then events number 4 and 5 will have a faded effect.
  • Fade Out Opacity – The opacity of the faded out events. From our example above, events 4 and 5 will be at 50% opacity
  • Event Spacing – The vertical margin between each event.
  • Show Tag – Show or hide the tag in your events, which is typically says “follow, subscriber, etc.”
  • Tag Font Color – The color of the tag,
  • Tag Font Family – Select a font for the event tags.
  • Tag Font Size – Size of the text for each event tag.
  • Name Offset and Tag Offset – Adjust the Y position of these text areas. This allows you to put your tags above the username, or simply adjust them. You’ll find these options useful if you’re changing the text size or font families.
  • Show Badge Background, Show Board Texture, and Show Board Frame – Show or hide these respective elements.
    • If you hide the board texture, a solid color will take its place
    • Solid Background Color – The color that will be in place of the board texture.
    • Solid Background Opacity – The opacity of this shape. If you don’t want any shape or color behind your username and tag, then simply set this to 0 to hide them completely.

Usage Terms

The user may use these alerts for personal and commercial use. It is intended for one (1) user and one (1) device only. These usage permissions do not expire. Re-distribution is strictly prohibited. The alert graphics and code remain the property of Twitch Temple and Nerd Or Die unless written permission is granted.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Future Reiterations, Errors and Updates

This version of the alert is provided as is. If there are missing elements or you think something critical needs addressing, please contact us outlining the issue and provide the email used to purchase the product. You are allowed up to 5 downloads per product.

Please follow @NerdOrDieCom on Twitter for update information.


To receive these updates simply re-download the product via the email link, or on your account page when logged in.

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