Fortified Fortnite Event List widget for Streamlabs

Fortified Event List Widget

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  • Animated events
  • Set up in just a few clicks
  • Unique designs
  • Customize just about everything including:
    • Positioning/alignment of event list
    • Badge color/scale
    • Badge background color
    • Text alignment/padding/shadow/font
    • Main text background color
    • Hide/show design elements
  • Watch the setup tutorial here

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Designed with Fortnite Streamers in Mind

Whether you’re among the masses who are enjoying Fortnite or not, we’ve developed an excellent event list just for you. The Fortified event list will display your latest followers, tippers, subscribers, and more. It’s designed for use with Streamlabs and can support Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Mixer, Facebook, and even Periscope. While there are tons of options included, it’s created in a way that will allow you to install and start using it in seconds.

The set features custom designed badges for the different types of events, and a system that lets you change the colors of badges background, badges themselves, and even the texture that’s seen behind the text. Easily change the color of the text and re-position it as needed. You can even hide certain parts of the event list, if you’d prefer to.

The features listed here are just the beginning. We’ve gone as far as we could to give you the freedom to adjust just about everything. Check out the setup guide and setup video for a full dive into the features.

Watch the Video Guide

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Event List Widget


Product Specific FAQs

  • My animations aren't working in the event list.

    Sometimes you will need to refresh the page or the event list widget inside of your streaming software, before all settings can take effect. Typically the easiest way to do this is by refreshing the cache of your browser source in order to get everything to display as intended.

    In OBS Studio you can easily do this by clicking the “Refresh cache of current page” button in your browser source properties.

  • Why do events take a while to load?

    When using past event history, events make take a few seconds to load, this is normal.

    By default, in OBS Studio, the options "shutdown source when not visible" and "refresh browser when scene becomes active" are unchecked. Leave these unchecked to allow this page to run in the background, even when not visible.

  • Can I reset the design to the default appearance?

    Yes, the easiest way to do this is by using your unique URL to re-import the event list into Streamlabs.

  • Can you make a tweak for me?

    We've tried to make this widget as versatile as possible to allow our customers to put their own spin on it. While we'd love to help out even more, we don't have the resources to make tweaks or do customized version of our products.

  • Will I play Fortnite better with Fortified running on my stream?

    No. But if you send us a clip of yourself rocket riding while getting a snipe kill to win the match with the event list active in your scene, we'll send you a $20 gift card for our site.

General FAQs

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