Advanced Overlay Maker: Examples, Documentation, and Updates

The Advanced Overlay Maker by Nerd or Die, for the Streamlabs OBS App store, is a tool that allows you to create, customize, and display overlays and widgets directly in the streaming software. Ongoing support, updates, and performance enhancements are a top priority for the Nerd or Die development team. On this page you’ll be able to find complete documentation, as well as examples, with what is included with your subscription.

Widget Types

  • Background Loop – Animation loop designs that are meant to be used in the background of scenes.
  • Generic Text – Simple text widgets that have subtle animations or designs included.
  • Group – Multipurpose widgets. Generally these include social media, supporter, and miscellaneous areas (such as your stream name).
  • Social Panels – Social media designs with information including about your Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and much more.
  • Stream Info – Animated widgets that rotate through information that you designate. For example show your schedule, channel updates, and chat rules all within one widget.
  • Supporter Bar – Recent supporters such as top tipper, latest follower, and recent cheer.
  • Title – Helpful information such as “Stream Starting” or “Taking a Short break”. This is a text focused widget.
  • Webcam – Frame designs for webcams.

Main Menu Options

  • Blog – External link to launch our blog page.
  • Contact Us – External link to launch contact us page.
  • Open Existing – Open and edit, or delete, existing widgets.
  • New – Quickly create a new widget.

Help Menu

  • Bug Report – Found a bug? Let us know on the contact page found on this external link.
  • FAQs – External link to view the Frequently Asked Questions about the Advanced Overlay Maker.
  • Feature Request – Have an idea for a new feature? Great! Let us know via the contact form on from external link.
  • Tutorials – External link that takes you to our tutorial page.
  • Quick Guide – View a guide that walks you through the setup process.

Option Types

  • Add Button – Used to add more titles or widget information.
  • Animation Wait Time – The time an animation takes before it plays again.
  • Aspect Ratio – Generally found in Webcam Frames, this option controls the width to height ratio, such as 16:9 (wide) and 4:3 (standard).
  • Background Color – Color found in the very back of widgets. Generally used in background loops.
  • Border – The color outlining certain icons and objects.
  • Box Width – Width of area for specific parts of widgets.
  • Colors – Color pickers that adjusts various colors inside of widgets.
  • Delay – The time stream information sections take before they animate through.
  • Display Text – Text box that controls text areas in widgets.
  • Flip X or Y – A toggle to flip a widget or object across the X or Y axis.
  • Font Family – The style of the fonts used.
  • Font Size – The size of the fonts used.
  • Font Weight – The boldness, or thickness, of text.
  • Glow Color – The color of the glow, generally used for icons.
  • Glow Size – The size of the surrounding glow, generally used for icons.
  • Headline Titles – Information titles used in certain widgets.
  • Icons – An option that allows you to select icons from our icon picker.
  • Orientation – Choose between horizontal and stacked orientation. Generally used for supporter bar widgets.
  • Text Boxes – Text areas that allow you to input the text that you’d like to be used within the widget.
  • Theme Color – Found in non-power theme widgets. For these widgets you will have preset colors to select from, using this option.
  • Size – Adjusts the scale of icons and other various objects.
  • Spacing – Adjust the space between certain areas in widgets.
  • Vertical Offsets – A slider value that can adjust the vertical position of various objects, like text areas and icons, to help you better align them within a widget.

Patch 1.4.0

  • Dropzone Webcam and Background loop added

Patch 1.3.8

  • Fix yellow Retrowave v1.1 overlay
  • Fix error with fonts

Patch 1.3.7

  • Added ElectroJunkie Theme
  • Road Rage font added

Patch 1.3.1

  • Improvements to error reporting / capturing

Patch 1.3.0

  • Added Clearview Theme
  • New icons added
  • Fixing bugs where your scene list would not show after saving widget
  • Saved widget dialog now orders widgets newest -> oldest
  • Fixed bug that caused the app to crash when deleting fields
  • Fixed text overflow issue on crusader supporter bars
  • Added indicator of new widgets to the widget menu

Patch 1.2.7

  • Added Retrowave v1.1 theme
  • Homepage updates
  • Enabled Quick Edit Mode

Patch 1.2.0

  • Added Glitch themed webcams, backgrounds, and info widgets
  • Added more icons to the icon picker
  • Fixed Apex Horizontal display
  • Minor wording adjustments

Patch 1.1.2

  • Fixed an issue with field collections not loading correctly
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the widget settings text disappears
  • Retrowave title preview should now update when the glow color is changed

Patch 1.1.0

  • Added the Crusader theme.
  • Minor bug fixes and wording updates.

Patch 1.0.16

  • Fixed an issue where the Grouped widget would crash when no supporter areas were added.

Patch 1.0.15

  • Added new Welcome Screen.

Patch 1.0.14

  • Minor wording updates.

Patch 1.0.13

  • You can now double click sources to disable the “Shutdown Source when Not Active” option, allowing for selected widgets to be always on. This will remove any load time for widgets when switching scenes, but may also use a bit more CPU.
  • Temporarily disabled the double click source to edit widget properties. You can still click the “Open Settings” button found in the source properties and then use the “Open Existing” options on the welcome screen and main menu.
  • Added an area on the welcome screen for important updates.

Patch 1.0.12

Initial Release Notes

We’re live! In this patch note section you’ll find what’s new, what bug fixes we’ve made, known issues, and some details on what we’re planning to release next.

What’s New?

  • Launched with 25 unique widgets

What’s Next?

  • Option for “always on” sources
  • Adding more widget designs
  • We are working with Streamlabs to add hardware acceleration, which we believe will greatly increase performance of heavily animated widgets

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected issue where heights were not being calculated properly in the sources
  • Changed how the full screen loader will appear
  • Updated and tweaked the stream info widgets
  • Saved widget race condition fix
  • Updated delete button to have more clear dialogue

Need to message us, found a bug, or have an idea for the app? Use the links below.