One of my favorite logo designs comes in the form of a mouse… a design we did for the streamer ProMouse.  For this branding project we wanted to create a logo that resembled a warrior like mouse.


Logo Design For ProMouse

One of the main challenges we faced in this branding project was making a friendly rodent seem a bit more bad ass.  My biggest concern was that it would look more like a rat than a mouse – but I did my best to get a solid in between.  I focused on the a few key things to make this distinction.  First, I wanted to make sure the ears were quite large in comparison to the head.  The second thing I wanted to make sure, is that the cheeks went out just a bit.  After I had the overall shape down, I then begin filling in some details and creating a more battle-worn image.  After playing around with different color palettes and markings, the above version is what we decided as the final.

color concepts 1


Offline Image Design

After working out the small details I had a strong idea in mind where to take the designs from here.  I created a couple of light and dark themes so that ProMouse was able to choose his favorite style.

Light Theme

ProMouse Offline Image Dark

Dark Theme
ProMouse Offline Image Light

Inbetween Layout

We decided to go with the lighter/gray theme, which then influenced the design for the remaining items in this project.  One of the final pieces of the design was a scene for when the streamer was not in a game.  It was requested that the area for the game was kept as large as possible, but still had room for social media, Twitch chat, his webcam, and a bit more.

Layout Design Blank

Inbetween Layout Blank

Layout Design Spacing Breakdown

Inbetween Layout Area Breakdown