Welcome to our OBS and Twitch video series. In this beginner to intermediate series we are going to go through the important steps from start to finish that will get you up and running with a high quality stream in absolutely no time.

We are going to cover general settings in OBS, setting up OBS plugins, global sources, and multiple different scenes, adding in a music scroller, donation notifications, subscriber alerts, and then follower notifications. Then we are going to go on to TNotifier and go over some custom CSS to make some awesome animations to your alerts. Next, we are going to go ahead and set up your twitch account before you stream. Finally we are going to go live for the first time and take a look at what you can do to improve you stream afterwards. So, let’s get right into it.

Posts in this series:

  1. Creating a high-quality stream for twitch from start to finish
  2. General settings in OBS for Twitch
  3. Installing plugins, setting up global sources and scenes
  4. Adding a music scroller and donation, subscriber, and follower notifications
  5. Setting up TNotifier and adding animations to notifications
  6. Setting up your Twitch account before you stream
  7. Going live and improvements to make afterwards