Let’s get right into how to install and set up OBS Studio. To start, go to https://obsproject.com/ – on the left we’ll see options for OBS classic and on the right we’ll see options for OBS studio. If you’re using Mac or Linux, then select the appropriate download here. However, if you’re using Windows, let’s actually go ahead and click “Download” at the top. We’re doing this because we want to grab the version of OBS studio with the browser source built in, meaning we can basically open web pages through OBS.

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Install OBS Studio With CLR Browser Source

Install OBS Studio With CLR Browser Source

Make sure that Windows is selected for your operating system and the version is set to Studio. Next, click the OBS + CLR Browser Source to begin your download. After the download is finished double click it and install it like any other program.

Let’s go ahead and launch the application and set a few things up really fast. First, click Profile and go to Rename. Enter in your Twitch name and hit okay. A profile is a collection of all your settings. So, let’s say two different people use a computer for streaming, or you might want to make a profile with some different video settings, you can create a new profile here and switch between the two very easily.

Next, let’s do the same thing for Scene Collection. A scene collection will store all of your different scenes and sources that we will set up later in the series. This can be extremely useful for those of you that stream different games frequently.

Our next guide will cover choosing the best settings in OBS Studio.

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