Voice UI – Sound Effects


Alert Sounds for Twitch, Youtube and Mixer. Suitable for uploading to services such as Streamlabs, Bebo and Stream Elements.

This is an Audio based product and does not include graphics.

  • Male and Female voice options
  • Sounds for Stream Alerts and Stream Deck Audio Triggers
  • 3 x voice styles: General , Relay and Spark
  • 3 x message styles: informative, personality and grateful
  • 12 unique messages per style
  • 200+ files included, voice lines listed in description
  • Easily mix and match sounds with a program like Audacity
  • Recommended to pair with the Uplink pack

Example audio clip

This product works with your favorite streaming software.

These sounds have been crafted to be used as alert sounds for streamers and content creators. The product contains premade sound files. They can be uploaded to services such as Streamlabs, Stream Elements, Muxy and more. Please note that this product only contains sound files, graphics are not included.

View all included voice lines below.

Voice Lines Included

Voice lines are all done in both male and female voices, and in all three voice types (normal, relay, and spark). Some can be found in specific “personalities” of the voice speaker.

  • Bits/ Cheers
    • Bits received.
    • Bits received, thank you very much.
  • Donations / Tips
    • Transaction complete.
    • Code yellow. Philanthropist detected.
    • Warning. Philanthropist programs detected in comm server zero four.
    • Warning. Currency of unknown origin detected.
    • Credits received. Thank you for your monetary support.
  • Followers
    • New follower.
    • Attention, we are being followed. Should I dispatch the welcoming drones?
    • Thank you for following.
  • Hosts
    • Incoming host.
    • Intruders detected.
    • Captain, we are being hosted.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Additional storage capacity received.
  • Membership
    • Membership received.
    • Membership received. YouTube money acquired.
    • Thank you for becoming a member.

  • Subscriptions
    • Gift subscription received.
    • Multiple gifted subscriptions. Received.
    • Resubscription received.
    • Subscription received.
    • Twitch Prime subscription received.
    • Twitch Prime sub received. Generous and clever. Bravo.
    • Captain, someone has gifted a class two access pass.
    • New subscription received. Dispensing gratitude. Gratitude dispensed.
    • New subscription received. Class two access granted. Enjoy your stay.
    • Twitch Prime sub received. Thank you for appeasing the over mind.
    • Resubscription received. Apparently you are doing something right captain.
    • Resubscription received. Thank you for renewing your class two access.
    • Captain, multiple class two status updates in progress.
  • Raids
    • Incoming raid.
    • Raiders detected. Welcome and enjoy your stay.
    • Hostile forces detected. Arming raid defenses.
  • Super Chat
    • Super chat. Received.
    • New super chat. Mandatory viewing is now in effect.
    • Captain, we are being hailed by super chat.

Free Update

New sounds have been added in, free to new and previous purchases.

  • Merch
    • New Merchandise Purchased
    • New Voluntary Mobile Billboard applicant accepted
    • Captain, Someone has purchased something from the gift shop!
  • Misc messages
    • Welcome back
    • Goal achieved
    • Initializing
    • Stand by
    • Transmission complete
    • Boom Gottem
    • Target acquired
    • Target eliminated

  • Misc messages (cont.)
    • Nice shot
    • Personal hydration is at optimal levels
    • Good game
    • Focus mode engaged
    • Twenty-Five Percent
    • Fifty Percent
    • Sixty-nine percent
    • Seventy-five percent
    • One hundred Percent
    • Hype engines spinning up
    • Hype engines at maximum
    • 3… 2… 1…

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