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Using our products with Streamlabs is easy

We have worked with Streamlabs to ensure our products are 100% compatible and easy to set up on Streamlabs Desktop. Whether you like to manually set up your overlays or keep things simple with quick-install methods, we have you covered. Below are some quick guides to show how easy it is to get started!

How to InstallStreamlabs Desktop Overlays

  • Download and unzip your files Download your files in here of in your order email. Unzip your files.
  • Import the overlay files Open the ~Streamlabs folder and navigate into the appropriate platform folder (such as Twitch or YouTube).
  • Customize and enjoy Use the Streamlabs Desktop overlay editor to customize the imported overlay.
Streamlabs OBS Overlay Install

How to InstallStreamlabs Alerts

  • Download and unzip your files Download your files in here or in your order email. Unzip your files.
  • Import the alert files Open the ~Streamlabs folder and navigate into the appropriate platform quick install link (such as Twitch or YouTube).
  • Customize and enjoy Your alerts will be automatically imported into the Streamlabs website (after logging in). Create a new profile, then hit "use". We include custom options to edit colors, text, and sound.
Streamlabs Alerts Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Streamlabs is a service you can use to display overlays, alerts and widgets on Twitch, YouTube, and Kick. Streamlabs is by far the easiest tool to get started in streaming.

You can use Streamlabs’ default widgets for a quick solution or if you prefer something a bit nicer you can download designs from sites such as Nerd Or Die.

If you’ve downloaded some premade designs installation is quite easy. Unzip your downloaded files, open the folder to the widget you would like to install.

  1. Click the Quick Setup link to begin installing the Widget.
  2. If you’d like, choose “Create Widget Theme” and name it something appropriate such as package name. The import link will only override your selected widget. This means you can combine these with any other scene collection/widgets you’ve made in Streamlabs. If you want to save your old widgets, it’s highly recommended you create the new profile.
  3. Select “Use” for the profile you want to import into.
  4. The page will automatically take you to the Widget settings for the widget you just imported.
  5. Click on the “Copy” button next to the unique URL.
  6. Paste this URL as a “Browser Source” in your streaming software.

Once you’ve added this into your streaming software, test the widget to make sure they’re working properly.

If you’re familiar with HTML and CSS you can edit the “properties” within your Streamlabs widgets and style it however you like.

For a quicker and easier solution, you can download pre-made widgets compatible with Streamlabs Desktop.

Adding pre-made Streamlabs Overlays to your live stream is a simple process:

  • Download and unzip your file to your computer.
  • Locate the .overlay file. Typically, you can find it within a separate download labelled “Streamlabs Quick Installation” folder.
  • Open Streamlabs Desktop and navigate to your settings. Then, select “Scene Collections” and utilize the “Import” feature.
  • Locate the directory where you saved your package files and choose the .overlay file. Streamlabs will commence importing the overlay file.

TIP: Get premade Streamlabs overlays from the store. These include quick imports and loads of customization options.

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