I probably think or say this every new post, but this latest project was my favorite one yet. We’re fortunate enough to have a talented digital artist, @LleucaTV, working with us.  PinkMageDiaries made a simple request: create a logo and theme around the stream name, while incorporating the Eye of Dalaran.

This is actually Lleuca’s first commission project with Nerd or Die, so we took a bit to brainstorm and came up with a fun direction. The idea was to make a simple vector icon, that can be used for branding and watermark purposes, and then turn that into a complete digital painting.

Let’s take a look at the final result first.

Animated Background Scene for PinkMageDiaries

The scene is a mix of digital painting done in Photoshop and effects done in After Effects.

Creating the Branding Image

With such a strong direction from the request, it didn’t take us long to come up with an idea for the brand marking. To give you an idea of the simplified version of this logo, here’s the solid black version.

PinkMageDiaries Vector Icon

From there, Lleuca digitally painted the scene. We originally set everything up with stock type reference images, and had the book as the only painted item. It was immediately noticeable that to do this correctly, we needed every item in the scene to be digitally painting. From there, it only felt right to give the same treatment to the Twitch panels as well.

PinkMageDiaries Scene Design


PinkMageDiaries Stream Page

We also created banners for Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube – here’s a peek at the Twitter Banner.

PinkMageDiaries Twitter Banner