The spooky times are upon us, and to kick off this month, I’d like to release a free overlay that I designed specifically for Halloween. I separated each piece of the overlay, so that you can pick and choose which graphics you’d like to use for your own overlay.

I actually made this design on my stream, with the help of viewer input.

Downloading the Files

Right click any file you would like to use, and then click “Save Image As…”  Save these to a folder somewhere on your computer, and then add into OBS or StreamPro.IO.

Adding into OBS and XSplit directly

If you want to add these into your stream directly into OBS, create a new Halloween Scene and add each image as an image source into OBS.  You can use edit scene to resposition and resize the images exactly as you’d like.


Adding into StreamPro.Io

You can also add these images into the app StreamPro.IO.  First, login to your account.  Next, create a new overlay named Twitch Halloween Overlay at 1920 x 1080 pixels.   Use their Insert Image feature and add in all the images you’d like to use.  you can quickly and easily organize the images however you’d like.  Once you’re finished grab your overlay URL and add it into OBS via the CLR browser plugin or into XSplit via the Webpage URL source.  The only disadvantage of using this method, at the moment, is that you won’t be able to resize or crop the images if you need to.  So, for full control, adding these images into OBS/XSplit is recommended for the moment.


Twitch Halloween Overlay Files

Subscribe Tombstone



Music Tombstone



Host/Eye Tombstone



Follower Tombstone



Donation  Tombstone



Facebook Like Tab



Twitter Tab



Instagram Tab



Webcam Background



Bottom/Top Bar



Recommended Setups

Here’s a couple of examples of how I used these images to set up overlays for myself.

Twitch Halloween Overlay - Example 2

Twitch Halloween Overlay - Example 2

Thanks to Free Goodies for Designers for social icons used in this project.