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2022 Creator Refresh

Keep things fresh and exciting for both your audience and yourself with these 6 simple upgrades

Creator Refresh 2022
Update Your Look

Whether you use a stream overlay or not, you cant deny that you’re not the same person you were 12 months ago. Changing the look of your stream to better reflect who YOU are is a great start to improving your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream this year.

Choosing a new look can be difficult. First you need to figure out what sort of personality you have and what sort of stream you intend to create.

For example, if you’re a bubbly and fun type of person, choosing something like Amused, Arcade Pop or even StreamOS would be a good base to build from. Whereas if you’re more of a serious, hardcore gamer, focusing on great, action-packed gameplay – you might be more suited to Glitch 2, Cybernetik, Terminal or Ranked.

Here are our favorite styles and fitting Stream Packs to help you create a new look:

Add Interactive Interest

There’s two ways to interact with your viewers. Direct and indirect. The direct part is the most obvious – talking with chat. Indirect (or passive) interaction is where things get interesting. There are many ways you can indirectly engage your audience, but here are a few of our favourite (and simplest) ways.


Unless you’re new to streaming, you know about alerts. These are triggers upon events such as a new follow, subscriber, donation, merch purchase and whole lot more. Typically these look pretty ordinary, but this is where you can spice things up. Each Complete Stream Package includes a set of alerts that match the look of your overlay. This is a great way to create excitement and a good prompt to acknowledge your audience’s participation.

Goal Widgets

These displayed on screen can allow your viewers to track the progress of your goal. It can be followers, subscribers or donations. Having it on screen will let the viewers see your current goal and help contribute toward it and become a talking point. A lot of Stream Packages by Nerd Or Die include Goal Widgets.

Event List

Similar to the alerts, except they’re in a list format and always “on”. This widget is a great way to remind viewers of all the ways they can contribute to the stream.


It might seem a little redundant to have chat on your stream, but think of it from the viewers perspective. They get to directly put their words onto your stream. Forever a part of this moment in VODs or re-uploads on other platforms.

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Chat Popup

A hybrid of direct and indirect interaction has been highlighted by Gaming Careers using “featured.chat”. This tool allows you to feature individual Twitch chat messages and show them on your stream to provide a truly immersive experience with your audience.

Emotes and Sub Badges

Emotes speak more than words ever could. They’re also a way for Partners and Affiliates to create in-jokes, and give fans ways to celebrate, spread positivity and become active members of your community. Adding emotes is easy, and there’s plenty of premade ones here to get you going today.

Weapons Twitch Emotes Thumbnail
Cat Twitch Emotes Thumbnail
Crown Sub Badges for Twitch and Youtube
Emotes & Sub Badges
Try Other Platforms

The big 3 of live streaming content – Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. Chances are you’ve tried and maybe established yourself on one of these. But have you thought about branching out onto one of the other platforms? Or even push shorter content onto TikTok? It could be to direct traffic to your main channel, or see what additional channel growth you can get.

NerdOrDie Supported Platforms
Promote Socials

Speaking of trying alternate platforms, you’d need to think about how to cross-promote to allow viewers to find the other content. We have a range of tools to allow this. The Ultimate Social Popups, combined with the Media Looper is very effective and one of the most tools on our site. Alternatively a great free option is the Social Media Popup that you can add for free right now.

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Update Twitch Panels

For Twitch streamers, the panels are seen as either a waste of time, or invaluable – it’s up for debate. Regardless of what you think, we have a panel maker plus loads of free panels in the style of our popular packages ready to go. Download new panels to help tell a bit about yourself, answer common questions, raise money and promote sponsors, partnerships and affiliate programs.

Free Twitch Panels
Free Twitch Panels - Maker and Templates

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