Twitch Temple Acquired Nerd Or Die

I’m extremely excited to officially announce that Twitch Temple is now a part of the Nerd Or Die family. For over a year Nathan, aka Flisky, has been the most popular vendor in the Nerd or Die shop and a talent that has been integral to our website’s growth. He created Twitch Temple with the simple idea of creating high quality and affordable resources for content creators. His work ethic, talent, and experience in the design field are sure to help us elevate Nerd or Die to a new level.

Nathan takes on the role of our Chief Operatng Officer and Creative Director. Twitch Temple will continue to operate as normal.


Questions and Answers Regarding the Acquisition

Will my purchases be available on both websites?

No, at least for now. Unfortunately our databases of purchases and users are too drastically different to safely combine. However, it’s something we’d love to do in the future.

What’s the difference between the two websites?

The products created will always be available on both websites.

Nerd or Die will continue to be a resource for stream designs, tutorials, and streaming related content. Our goal is to continue to grow in this space, and create more resources that will help you become a better content creator, outside of just overlays, alerts, and logos. We also have a few ideas that we’re working on that we’re not quite ready to announce.

Twitch Temple will only display the product side of our company related to streaming.

What’s the benefit of this acquisition?

Nerd or Die and Twitch Temple have always been friendly competitors. However, with this acquisition, we’re able to directly work together on the growth of the Nerd or Die brand.

This means more focused roles in the company, which we hope will result in better content and resources for our users.

Will any products be exclusive to either website?

No. Any new products created will be available on both Nerd or Die and Twitch Temple.

For more information regarding this acquisition, please read some of the questions posted below.