OBS Studio v27 is finally here and it’s one of the biggest updates yet! It introduces features such as track matte stinger transitions and the option to undo and redo changes you’ve made to your scene layouts. While these are highly requested additions, it’s only the beginning of what you can expect from v27.

  1. Updating to OBS Studio v27
  2. Track Matte Stinger Transitions
  3. Source Visibility Transitions
  4. Undo/Redo
  5. Missing File Detection
  6. NVIDIA Noise Removal
  7. Browser Panels on Mac OS & Linux
  8. Pipewire Capture Screen and Window Sources

Updating to OBS Studio v27

If you’re using an earlier version of OBS Studio you’ll be prompted with an option to update when loading the program. However, if you dismissed that notification, you can Help > Check For Updates in the menu bar. If you don’t have OBS Studio, then head over to the OBS Project website and download it.

Track Matte Stinger Transitions

If your overlays and scenes are feeling a bit stale, track matte stinger transitions are just what you need to spice things up a bit. With this type of stinger you no longer have to rely on a millisecond cut point to switch between scene A and B. Instead, this allows your stinger file itself to contain a “mask video”, which essentially tells OBS when and how to change to the next scene.

You can download our premium track matte stinger transitions or grab the free version in our overlay shop.

For more details on how to use these transitions, Nerd or Die will be releasing a full tutorial on our YouTube channel.

OBS Matte Track Stinger Transitions Free

Source Visibility Transitions

Don’t let these go under the radar. In fact, this feature might be my favorite of this update! Source visibility transitions allow you to add animations to your sources when they’re toggled on or off. This means you can add a fade, cut, or swipe effect to any source when you show or hide it! The best part? To top things off, you can combine these with the track matte stinger transitions… giving you an insane amount of control over your stream overlays!

OBS Studio Source Visibility Transition

Source Visibility Transitions allow you to show a transition when a source is shown or hidden. If you pair this with a Stream Deck, Touch Portal, or hotkeys, you can create some amazing effects!

To add these transitions you can simply:

  1. Right click the source you’d like to add a transition to
  2. Hover over either “Show Transition” or “Hide Transition”
  3. Select the type of transition you’d like applied

Undo and Redo in OBS Studio

We’ve all been there… you’re trying to move a source but accidently click and move another. Well, fear no more! Undo and Redo are a quality of life improvement that we’ve been waiting for, for quite some time. You can use the shortcuts Ctrl + Z for under or Ctrl + Shift + Z to redo actions. You can also find these options under the Edit menu.

OBS Studio Undo and Redo

Using undo or redo has almost no limit! According to a blog post on the OBS Project, you can use this feature for 5,000 actions!

While there’s a ton of uses here, the most common would be:

  • Moving and resizing sources
  • Adding or deleting sources, or scenes
  • Changing audio levels
  • Adding or deleting filters

Some things aren’t yet supported by undo, like changing a setting inside of a filter. But over the past month or so of OBS test releases they’ve been adding more and more areas where this undo feature works. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see filter settings being undo-able in the very near future.

Missing File Detection

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. With this update it’ll now be clearer and easier to find any files which are missing from you scene overlays. Similar to editing software like Premiere Pro, when you launch OBS Studio, you’ll now have dialog that points you to missing files and allows you to easily replace them. This is especially useful if you ever move your overlay folders, or even just reorganize your PC a bit.

OBS Studio Missing File Detection

This feature an amazing quality of life improvement for OBS Studio. Especially for those that are setting up their scenes on a new PC or recently moved files around.

NVIDIA Noise Removal

RTX on! Well, sort of? If your livestreaming or recording environment has an issue with external noise, be it street noise, a loud keyboard, air conditioning, a barking dog, or even a crying baby, then this feature is a must see. NVIDIA Noise Removal is designed to utilize your GPU instead of your CPU and provide a higher quality noise removal.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, check out this example!

How to use NVIDIA Noise Removal:

  1. Install the Audio Effects SDK
  2. Open up the filters for your microphone
  3. Add a Noise Suppression filter
  4. Select NVIDIA Noise Removal

OBS NVIDIA Noise Removal FilterFor a better example of this, I highly recommend checking out the video by Gaming Careers, to get an idea of how powerful this feature truly is.

Please Note:

This feature does require you to install the NVIDIA Audio Effects SDK. It currently only supports Windows, but if you have any RTX card (sorry AMD users) you no longer need to be running NVIDIA Broadcast or the RTX Voice app to get this higher quality noise removal for your microphone. You can simply enable it directly within OBS Studio.

Browser Panels in Mac and Linux

Browser panels in OBS Studio allow you to add web applications and web pages directly inside the OBS Studio user interface. This can be extremely useful for streamers that have limited screen real estate. For example, you can add your YouTube chatbox in a dock panel. What’s great about this feature is that every time you open up OBS Studio, your docks will be set up and waiting.

Pipewire Capture Screen and Window Sources

OBS v27 has also added a new capture method for Display Capture, which allows for capturing displays on different GPU’s. This is a pretty huge update for those of you using laptops to stream who suffered from various black screen bugs when trying to capture displays. It allows you to toggle which GPU the display capture source uses. Hopefully it’ll also help reduce the number of people who struggle to get started with streaming from a laptop, making it even easier to get set up and go live.

Final Thoughts on OBS Studio v27

While I expect some hotfixes in the near future, OBS Studio v27 is one of the most exciting releases in a while. I can’t wait to see how stream overlays evolve with the addition of matte track and source visibility transitions. Can you ever really complain about quality of life changes and new features in a completely free to use program?