TwitchCon 2023 recap

TwitchCon 2023 has brought a slew of updates for Twitch. We’ll fill you in on the most exciting news from the event.

Streamer Simulcasting Freedom

Twitch’s terms of service traditionally prohibited streamers from simultaneously broadcasting their content on rival platforms. In simpler terms, if a streamer was live on Twitch, they couldn’t share that same broadcast on platforms like YouTube or Kick – it was a strict no-go. Oddly, streaming to platforms like TikTok, which focuses on vertical short-form content, wasn’t considered a direct violation.

However, a significant shift occurred after Twitch opted to increase its share of revenue from partner streamers by 20%. To compensate for this change, Twitch pledged to introduce several improvements, including relaxing its simulcasting restrictions and enhancing content discoverability.

Twitch Announces Simulcast

CEO Dan Clancy confirmed this update at TwitchCon 2023. Creators will no longer be bound by the restrictions of simulcasting rules. They can now stream anywhere they want concurrently, breaking free from the limitations of past terms of use. This move opens up new horizons for content creators to expand their audience on competitor platforms, although some limitation still apply, requiring priority of Twitch services and chat over their competitors. Streamers will have to ensure the quality of their stream on Twitch is “no less than the experience on other platforms or services”. Whether this can be enforced, only time will tell.

Private Warnings for Moderators

Moderators and streamers have been asking for a nicer method of warning viewers to keep a positive and respectful community without kicking/banning them publically. Twitch has listened and is addressing the need for more nuanced moderation tools. The addition of a “warning” option allows moderators and creators to discreetly address rule violations in the chat.

Private Warning for Twitch Moderators

Off-Service Misconduct Policy

Twitch’s recent decision to incorporate doxxing and swatting into their ‘off-service misconduct’ policy reflects a proactive approach to ensure the safety and privacy of its users. This is a significant step towards creating a more secure environment for its community, both on and off Twitch.

In contrast to this, we’ve seen instances where other platforms, such as Kick, have faced criticism for not taking sufficient measures to address similar issues effectively. The stark difference in responses underscores Twitch’s narrative to maintaining a safe and respectful content creation space and might set a precedent for other platforms to follow suit.

Holiday Hype Event

Following the success of “Subtember,” Twitch is introducing a similar event in December. This holiday-themed promotion will include subs and bits, as well as a “Holiday Hype Train.” It’s a fantastic opportunity for creators to engage with their community during the festive season and for viewers to support their favorite streamers.

It’s also a great idea to dress up your stream with holiday themed overlays and alerts (got to get some self-promo in here).

Expanded Emotes

Twitch is amplifying the creativity of Partners and Affiliates by doubling the number of animated emotes available. This expansion allows streamers to express themselves and connect with their audience in unique and engaging ways, making streams even more captivating.

The largest Twitch emote size is 112x112px

Stream Together’s ‘Drop In’ Feature

The enhanced “Stream Together” (formerly “Guest Star”) feature introduces a ‘drop in’ function. This allows streamers to indicate their availability for collaborations, simplifying the process of finding like-minded partners for joint content creation. It’s a strategic move to foster more collaboration on the platform, despite the lack of demand for the feature.

image 10 edited

That’s a Wrap!

Overall, TwitchCon 2023 overall seems to shine the platform in a positive light. With more streaming freedom, better chat warnings, and a tough stance on off-service misconduct, the landscape is changing. So, whether you’re a streamer or just love watching your favorite creators, the Twitch experience is about to get much more accessible. The future will be interesting.

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